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9.-10.9.2016 Berlin/Maifeld

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Bringing of folding chairs, stools, tripods, bulky objects, etc. is not permitted due to licensing requirements.



Pyronale 2015

The winners of the Pyronale 2015

The Pyronale jury and the audience voted and the Golden Pyronale Cup went to "Fireworks Martarello Ramos" from Mexico.
"Pyrotex Fireworx" from England took the second place and "Potsdamer Feuerwerk" from Germany the third place.
Winner of the day on Friday, September 4th, was team Germany and on Saturday, September 5th, team Mexico.

We congratulate the winners and thank all visitors for their great support!


The music demand is set!!!

In the second component of the demand part, the teams have to light their firework to a medley of “Anvil Chorus” (The Troubadour) by Verdi, the “Flight of the Bumblebees” (Tale of Tsar Saltan) by Rimski-Korsakow and “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg (Peer Gynt). During the music demand part, there are no obligations concerning the color choice.



The color demand is set!!!

This year the teams have to adapt their performance in the first component of the demand part to the colors PURPLE – GREEN.

You can find more information regarding our rules here

The participating Teams are set!!!

On Friday, 4th September, team Pirotecnia Caballer S.A. from Spain shoots first, then comes Pyrotex Fireworx from England and Potsdamer Feuerwerk from Germany concludes the evening!

The Saturday (5th September) is opened by the Slovakian team Privatex Pyro, Pyrostar Finland from Finland shoots subsequently and as the last team Fireworks Martarello Ramos from Mexico competes!