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9.-10.9.2016 Berlin/Maifeld

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Friday, 4th September 2015


SPAIN - Pirotecnia Caballer S.A.
Way back in 1880, Vicente Caballer Calatayud founded Pirotecnia Caballer in a small workshop in Godella near Valencia. He spent his nights making the famous Valencian sound-bombs known as “mascletás” for local festivities. And today, more than a century later, Pirotecnia Caballer continues to reap success around the globe. Vicente Caballer Calatayud defended the values of fireworks entertainment with passion and sheer hard work. All this experience is still a vital part of the business, in the words of today’s president, Vicente Caballer Ramirez, grandson of the founder. Pirotecnia Caballer is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of pyrotechnic products and in the production of fireworks shows and events. The company has a 130-year history, and has always stood out for creativity and innovation. Apart from the applause of the audience, they have received countless awards and prizes at national and international events and are ranked as the most awarded fireworks company in Spain. Spanien

ENGLAND - Pyrotex Fireworx  

Just like any good cocktail has the right mix of ingredients, Pyrotex Fireworx is a fine blend of over 35 years´ experience, dynamic creativity and explosive enthusiasm – all fused together to bring the audience  the ultimate in displays. Initially established by Mark Kelsall in 1999 Pyrotex Fireworx has grown to be a successful family run firework company. They deliver their colorful displays with unique effects and a strong honest passion. Their dream as a small family business was to become renowned for creating wonderful pieces of dancing art in the night sky. Fueled with their passion for fireworks and their love for music, their dream became reality when they won the British Musical Firework Champions in 2010 and 2011. With their second time win at the Monaco International Musical Fireworks Competition 2014 they added the final touch on their incredible success.


GERMANY - Potsdamer Feuerwerk

Potsdamer Feuerwerk designs and directs fireworks and laser shows at the highest level worldwide over 25 years. The Berlin-based company knows how to arrange colours and patterns in tune to the music with perfection. The highly motivated team creates memorable moments for the audience. Potsdamer Feuerwerk frequently magnifies the shows with flame effects, laser art and pyrotechnic special effects. Each year Potsdamer Feuerwerk attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators with productions for example at the Hamburg harbour birthday, the AIDA baptisms as well as the citizens' festival of the German President and the Independence Day party of the US Embassy, Berlin. They showed their skills also at international fireworks display events such as in Macau, Vietnam and Singapore.



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large Citroen - closing fireworks display


Saturday, 5th September 2015

SLOVAKIA - Privatex-Pyro

Privatex-Pyro, founded in 1991 by Ľubomír Masár in Dubnica nad Váhom, picked up the fireworks’ tradition in Slovakia. The company deals with professional fireworks shows, sale of professional and consumer fireworks and as sole company in Slovakia it deals with fireworks development and production. The production facilities, laboratories and warehouses are the only ones of their kind in Slovakia. High quality fireworks products spread Privatex-Pyro´s good name all over the world. The team´s mastery can be demonstrated during the unique, breathtaking professional fireworks shows like at Pyronale 2010, they got second place. All over the world thousands of viewers get amazed by the unforgettable experience done by the beauty of colours and light. Each year the company arranges more than 100 different fireworks shows in Slovakia and abroad.


FINLAND - Pyrostar Finland

The teams´s history goes back to 1946 when Ilotulitus Oy was founded. The company was and still is the first and only fireworks factory in The Nordic Countries. In 2010 two of the biggest fireworks companies in Finland joined together and Suomen Ilotulitus Oy - Finnish Fireworks Ltd. was founded. The company uses the name “Pyrostar Finland” as a trademark for professional fireworks displays. With over 60 years of experience in the fireworks industry, the company organizes each year over 200 shows and has organized almost 10.000 fireworks in total. Over the past 20 years the company has participated a lot of fireworks competitions and staged over 30 big fireworks shows outside of Finland: China, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia. Their biggest show until now was at the International Shanghai Music Fireworks Festival 2005. Team photo Finland kopie

MEXICO - Fireworks Martarello Ramos

Pirotecnia Rogelio Ramos is with an experience of over four generations one of the most representative companies of traditional Mexican pyrotechnics. José Ramos established the company in San Pedro de la Laguna in 1930. The city is known as the cradle of pyrotechnics, because many people have cultivated this beautiful tradition there during the course of time. Thus the realization of display shows has a historical tradition for the company. The professional level they achieved during the years, allows them to perform any kind of display shows. In the last years Pirotecnia Rogelio Ramos has cooperated with the Italian company Martarello, in order to start an international business and to learn the way of production of the typical Italian pyrotechnical bombs. They also participate in common as Fireworks Martarello Ramos at Pyronale! Team-Mexico

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large Citroen - closing fireworks display