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4.-5.9.2015 Berlin/Maifeld

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Teams 2014


 Friday, 5th September


 FRANCE                                                                            Féérie

Since its foundation in 1992, Féérie has been designing and staging some of the most elaborate and sophisticated pyrotechnic displays in order to share unforgettable feelings and experiences with various audiences. Féérie specializes in creative and custom designed displays while always concentrating on safety. Joel Hamon, who was the first Frenchman to use computer in the 80s, believes however that having Leonardo Da Vinci’s brushstroke does not mean everyone can paint the Mona Lisa. His artistic approach aims at bringing “life, spirit and soul” to each step of the show. Reaching out toward the ultimate climax, body and mind experience an entirely new range of emotions. Each year, more than a hundred experienced pyrotechnicians from Féérie fascinate and fill with wonder hundreds of thousands of spectators. The best recognition for this is of course The Gold Vestale for “Roméo and Juliet” (Cannes International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art 2006).
Team Frankreich

 NETHERLANDS                                                    Heron Fireworks 

Heron Fireworks belongs to a composite of different companies, which were founded by Hayo Wolff. He is designing fireworks displays since 1992. Heron Fireworks is the biggest executive fireworks company in Netherlands. The used pyrotechnical effects are made according to the specifications of the show designer. Because of that the company cooperates very closely with the manufacturing facilities, also to realize innovative and unusual effects. To entertain the public perfectly, they left nothing to chance: each individual step, from planning to implementation, is planned by a specialist. From the outset they have bailed all multimedia scope to design their shows. So they have early included laser-, light-, water-, and fire effects in their concepts, with which the company plays a pioneering role. This joy of using new design elements owes the shows their uniqueness. Typical Netherlands: Unconventional, innovative, stylish and with a good sense of humor - look forward to Heron Fireworks!


RUSSIA                                                                          Orion Art

Orion Art was founded in 1993 as a pyrotechnic design studio and is now one of the most sought after manufacturer of great multimedia, laser and pyro shows in Russia. It is an independent Moscow creative agency that specializes in high-tech multi-media shows, social media projects and technical assistance events. In the context of the Winter Olympic Games 2014 Orion Art was commissioned to stage the brilliant fireworks display for the start of the torch relay in Moscow. During the past 15 years, Orion Art has participated almost in all major projects that have taken place in Russia. More than 70 million people in 36 countries have seen the shows of Orion Art until now.

Team Russland

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large Citroen - closing fireworks display

Saturday, 6th September

ITALY                                                      Pyroemotions & PyroDigiT

Pyroemotions is the exciting new pyrotechnics company on the Italian scene. It is a dynamic young team led by the pyrodesigner Andrea Scarpato. He originates from a family of pyrotechnicians and is a person with a real passion for this art. The aim of the company is to bring a whole range of new ideas to the sector, with some quite extraordinary and wholly original effects. This passion and dedication has been rewarded by many major international recognitions, thanks also to the company’s cooperation with PyroDigiT which provided the most technologically advanced firing systems. On 31st July 2013 this partnership won the prestigious competition “International de Feux Loto-Quebec” - Montreal (Canada) where it was awarded not only the golden Jupiter but also the award by the public and the award for the best soundtrack!

Team Italien

NORWAY                                             Engelsrud NFI Fyrverkeri AS

Engelsrud can trace its history back to 1948 and is a leading company within consumer fireworks and display shows. As of today, some items are still produced at the factory in Norway, although the majority of fireworks and pyrotechnics are now imported from China, Spain, Italy and Germany. During the last decade, Engelsrud has grown to be the “No. 1.” display fireworks company in Norway. They arrange most of the largest display fireworks in their country, such as the Jean Michel Jarre concert at Akershus Festning 2011, the opening show of the new Opera in 2008 and of the Folketeateret (Peoples Theatre in Oslo) in 2009. Currently there are 7 full time employees in the company, 16 associated licensed pyrotechnicians, and further 20 associated freelance helpers, drivers etc. All their staff is at work on New Year’s Eve – the busiest day with over 20 fireworks shows throughout Norway – from the south to the utmost north. Tradition, quality and craftsmanship are the virtues of the company. Team Norwegen

CHINA                                                                 Panda Fireworks

Panda Fireworks, established in 1989, is one of the largest fireworks producers in China, and was the lucky winner of the extravagant fireworks display for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008. In the meantime the company is not only the largest fireworks exporter in China, but also one of the largest producers and distributors of pyrotechnic material in the world. In order to provide their Chinese and overseas consumers with novel, delicate, more environment-friendly and safer fireworks products, Panda Fireworks cooperates closely with universities and scientific research institutions. The focus is placed on the research and production of new materials, new arts and crafts and new products of fireworks & firecrackers. Panda Fireworks has won the Macau International Fireworks Display Contest in 2011 and 2012.
Team China

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large Citroen - closing fireworks display